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Welcoming 2018

New Years Invitation

Between 55 and 60 people attended the New Years Celebration. The decorations looked nice. Thanks to the Lakeville committee and President Johnson for helping with the decorations. Additionally, we received some help from the NSP ward because we lost 2 days set aside to decorate due to a funeral (unfortunately, of a good friend of mine), so many thanks to them for staying after the luncheon and helping out for a bit). It seemed that all in attendance had a good time. The evening started out with a catered dinner from the Little Oven. We were blessed to have President Johnson, President Mc Bride and his wife, and President Rasmussen and his wife serve our dinners to us so that we, as singles, could all enjoy the meal together. They did a marvelous job! Next was the dance. NuVong Song DJ'd from us. He was fantastic!!! That night was the first time that we used him, and it was so exciting to see that so many people were up out of their chairs, on the dance floor dancing. The music was great, he used great transitions, and fun activities to break things up. We had a dessert bar set up for refreshments, with a wide variety of choices. Thanks to the ANOKA stake for helping with the kitchen prep and to the MPLS stake for kitchen clean up. It was bitter cold that evening, so some of the reps decided to end the dance 1/2 hour early. The OAKDALE stake did a great job with cleanup, but they were generously helped by many. Good bye 2017 and Welcome 2018.

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