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September Activity Review

September Started out with the Mid Single Adults getting together for their Break-the Fast Activity. The activity was held at Brookview Park rather than the Rasmussen and was very well attended. 19 people showed up- 7 were Single adults- something that doesn't happen when the activity is at the Rasmussen's home. We had dinner. Then played volley ball and yard games which I brought from home- croquet, ladder ball, and horseshoe.

Are next Activity was a Fireside hosted by the Anoka Stake. Sister Van De Veer Spoke on Building Block of Good Relationships. She did an excellent job and we received excellent feedback. 25 people attended the fireside.

On the 15th we had a Bonfire at the Edgerton Building sponsored by the St Paul Stake. Walter brought his guitar and played for us and we roasted marshmallows and hung out and talked and got to know one another better. There were 30 people that attended- 7 of which who had never attended an activity before. I asked them what make them decide to come to this activity. Some of there replies included: "I felt that it would be fun non threatening", "I get enough church so I dont want to go to another activity where I just sit and listen to a speaker, and I don't like dances. This looked fun and it is. It didn't seem threatening. I hope you do more activities like this." "I just thought I could blend in.".

For Singles Home Evening sponsored by the St Paul Stake, Bishop Pickering taught the Lesson on how his wife influenced his reactivation prior to their marriage. Following the lesson we wrote testimonies and messages in cards that will be used for a future out reach activity we will be doing. There were 9 people that attended this activity

The Mid Singles had their Monthly Gathering on the 17th. This is an activity that was set up by the Stake Presidencies of the 5 stakes in the local areas to give the singles in this area an opportunity to get together monthly for a lesson and to socialize and plan activities. It isn't as well attended as we would like it to be. The first meeting had 40+ mid singles in attendance. Now their are generally 6-8.

On 9/24/17 we were blessed to attend a fireside hosted by the Rochester stake where Elder Stacey, our area authority spoke. We had 20 people from the our area (some came from all 5 stakes!) car pool down to La Crosse (2 1/2 hour drive) for the fireside. The drive was beautiful and the conference was great. Afterwards, there was a social hour where we had time to mingle with people from the Rochester stake. It was nice to get to know some new people. The singles reps that came down ( Rochester, St. Paul, and Minneapolis) as well as myself had the privilege to meet with Elder Stacy separately in a meeting to discuss the singles program. What an opportunity!

Andy, leading 6 Mid Singles, as well as me rapped up the month on the 25th with their monthly home evening hosted by the Anoka Stake. Brooke gave the lesson and we played Taboo. Of course my team lost:( . I have lost every game I've ever played that he has also play. Somehow I have to find the way to end up on Andy's team.

The Singles Program is such a wondering program. It provides a network of brothers and sisters in Christs and allows you the opportunity to make and strengthen the relationships/friendships that you have, strengthen your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, love and serve your neighbor and build and develop self confidence and self esteem. Join Us!

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