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Let's Meet Up!!

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The Walker art museum is free on Thursday nights. Does anyone want to go with me on the 27th?

Antonio Morales

Let’s meet up for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival! Saturday June 15, 2024. 10am-7pm.

Labor Day!

I know many people who go to "The Cabin" on "The Lake" over the long weekend, but for those of you who will be around it's time to picnic!

I will be picnicking at Moir Park​ in Bloomington at 12pm. Come join me as I celebrate Labor Day, moving back to MN, and my birthday!

Troy Bagley
Troy Bagley
24. Aug. 2023

If I'm not working, a picnic is always fun.

Gefällt mir

Hi Stacey! Glad to see you will be flying into town for our January activity!!! I'm excited to see you.

Stacey Moore
Stacey Moore
06. Jan. 2023

I'm excited, too!!! Let's build a snowman ⛄

Gefällt mir

Welcome to the Meet-up group! You can connect with other members who are interested in and engaging in additional activities to support the singles. Meet-up groups are not chuch sponsored activities, rather they are hosted by an individual or group of singles. Post a meet-up you are interested in hosting, respond to events you are interested in attending, communicate back and for with those attending , and share photos of the events all through the group.


    Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...


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