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We recognize that every person is a beloved son or daughter of God; therefore, we believe the search for true happiness must be centered in placing the Lord Jesus Christ first our lives.


We desire that single adults recognize their abundant blessings, acknowledge each person’s uniqueness and infinite worth, treat each other with kindness and respect, and go forth with an eternal perspective of becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ and fulfilling their eternal destiny..


Single Adult organizations function best when they complement the existing organizational structure of the church in Proclaiming the Gospel, Perfecting the Saints, and Redeeming the Dead.  Single adult activities are most successful when members focus on contributing to activities in meaningful ways, following our Lord’s teaching of “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matt 16:25)  Single adult organizations and members bless lives when they recognize the needs of individuals and willingly serve and support each other.


Our intent is to provide opportunities for single adults to build and nurture faith, hope, spiritual strength, and strong testimonies.  Other goals of activities are to support and strengthen family life, encourage the development of talents, and increase temporal well-being. 

We will provide a variety of activities and service opportunities that enable individual growth in a safe and wholesome environment that invites the Spirit of the Lord and fosters the development of healthy, lasting friendships and relationships. 


Single adults accomplish these objectives by living Christian principles including daily personal prayer, daily personal scripture study,  home evenings, educational opportunities, provident living, participating in church worship services and activities, and by serving others in the community.


The purpose of the Single Adult Program is to bring single adults ages 31 and older unto Christ by providing teachings, service opportunities, and associations that will facilitate the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on important decisions throughout their life. This includes the following:

  1. Becoming converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living by his teachings

  2. Developing and strengthening faith, hope, and charity

  3. Strengthening families

  4. Giving meaningful service

  5. Obtaining as much education as possible

  6. Supporting singles with their spiritual, social, emotional, and growth needs

  7. Developing healthy, meaningful friendships and relationships, loving our neighbors and showing proper respect to all of Heavenly Father’s children

  8. Preparing and living worthily to receive a current temple recommend

  9. Preparing to become a worthy spouse and parent, &

  10. Making and keeping covenants.


Latter-day Saint theology centers around the teachings, atonement, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  For more information, please see 
Our Core Beliefs.  


The agent Stake President for the Minnesota Eight Stake Singles group is President Jeff Chipman of the Oakdale Minnesota Stake.


Each stake may have a Stake Singles Committee composed of the following:

a Stake Presidency member, a High Councilor, a Stake Relief Society Presidency member, and single adults from their stake.

Please see the
contacts page for information for your stake singles leaders.


Our theme for 2021 is "Bridge Builders".  We Can Be Bridge Builders for Jesus Christ, the Master Architect, in our personal relationships, at church, and in the community.

Previous years themes included:
2021:  Bridge Builders
2020:  Each One Reach One
2019:  "Join Us in the Journey
2018:  "By Divine Design"
2017:  "Faith, Hope, Joy"
2016: "Secure in the Faith"
2015: "Joy in the Journey"
2014:  "Of One Heart and One Mind"