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Bio of Matt Beecher
Matt Beecher is a former single adult--now married with four children in the Minneapolis Stake. He is a small-to-midsize business coach, helping entrepreneurial leadership teams learn how to grow and scale their businesses.  Among callings he's had in the Church, Matt has served in the Minneapolis stake presidency, the Minnesota Minneapolis mission presidency; he served as a bishop of a ward in Utah, and as a ward mission leader six different times. Matt served as the single adult representative of the Washington DC stake when living there--when he met his wife, Summer, prior to their moving to Minnesota.  He's currently the Sunday School president of the Plymouth ward.  Matt has a distaste for liver, caviar, and motion sickness--but he loves to travel, cook, and embarrass his teen and tween kids with his enthusiasm for life and people.  He says he is "100% ALL IN" when it comes to the Restored Gospel and loves sharing it with others.  Matt graduated from BYU with degrees in statistics and business and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Matt just visited his 50th state this month--and has a goal to hit 60 countries before he's 60.
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Bio of President Foote
President Foote is originally from Spanish Fork, Utah. His  wife, Kally, and he have lived in Minnesota for 37 years.  Professionally, he worked as a physician.  He retired in 2021- a few years earlier than planned- in order to spend more time serving in the Temple with Kally.  His  favorite calling in the Church has been as a primary worker.
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President Matthew Richardson

Matthew O. Richardson is the President of the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission.He is married to Lisa J. Richardson.  They have four children. His previous callings include: YSA stake president, Sunday School general presidency counselor, bishop, bishopric counselor, ward mission leader, ward Young Men president and missionary in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission. He was born in Salt Lake City to Edward Milton Richardson and Andrea Lovina Richardson.

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Bio of Kirk and Jacqui Sherman
Jacque and Kirk met as teenagers at Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah where they worked in the games department. Upon returning from his mission to Toulouse France, Kirk and Jacque reconnected at BYU, studied and took some classes together, dated, and were married and sealed in the Manti Temple. Kirk then attended law school in Charlottesville, VA, where Jacque worked as a seamstress to support their young family. Upon graduation in 1984, they moved to Minnesota. They have eight children and 9.5 grandchildren. Six of their children and all of their grandchildren live in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. They have loved serving in the church, including as bishop; counselors in stake and mission presidencies and stake and ward relief society presidencies; seminary, primary and Sunday School teachers and temple ordinance workers. In 2018, as their baby, Mary, was finishing her first semester at college, Kirk and Jacque were called as mission leaders for a new mission in West Africa, the Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Yamoussoukro mission. For three very warm years they presided over 90 to 140 missionaries and 8,000 church members. Though Ivorians have a hard life, they are sweet, spiritual and loving people who are well prepared to accept the restored gospel.

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