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Canoeing on the Saint Croix

Saturday, August 17, 2019


(2 to a canoe) $23.25 each;

(3 to a canoe) $16.82 each;

Kayak (1 person) $35.15 each

Or free if you have your own canoe / kayak!



​RENTAL INCLUDES: 2 life jackets and 2 paddles. Kayaks include 1 life jacket and 1 paddle.

Prices above include taxes and fees, but does not include the park sticker that the driver will need to get into the park.  



9:00 am  Meet at Oakdale Stake Center

9:15 am  Carpool to Taylors Falls (inside the MN Interstate Park)

10:00 am  Enter River to Canoe down the St Croix driver to Osceola (2-3 hr paddle time)


1:00 pm  (Approx) Lunch


Those who would like to shuttle back to their vehicles in Taylors Falls may.


Those who would like to continue on, may  get back in the river.


Canoe down to William O'brien State Park. (5-7 hrs total paddle time)

Shuttle  back to our vehicle in Taylors Falls. 

Please note:  Each individual you are registering (ie: if you register a child), needs to be registered individually so we get an accurate accounting of who is going.

WE WELCOME OLDER CHILDREN TO JOIN IN ON THIS ACTIVITY at their parents discretion.  Please remember that if you elect to bring children with you, you are responsible for their wellbeing and they will be assigned to be in a canoe with you unless there are 2 parties over the age of 12 that are experienced canoers and both parents (if applicable) give their permission for them to canoe together.  Each parent, however, would still have the responsibility to stay within a reasonable proximity to their child and maintain responsibility for them.

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